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Kenya Railways Train Services Between Mombasa and Nairobi | Nairobi and Mombasa


Train Travel in Kenya: Mombasa - Nairobi | Nairobi - Mombasa -

Nairobi - Mombasa | Mombasa - Nairobi train rail travel adventures.

Nairobi - Mombasa | Mombasa - Nairobi Train Tickets Booking: We offer Nairobi Mombasa and Mombasa Nairobi train tickets bookings and seat reservations in Kenya. Nairobi and Mombasa train booking services. Train booking and seat reservation for first and second class passengers train services traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa and Mombasa to Nairobi. Book and make seat reservations for your Nairobi - Mombasa or Mombasa - Nairobi train tickets booking online. Kenya train tickets booking and travel. Train booking and reservation for Nairobi to Mombasa Kenya. Kenya railways - train safaris. Nairobi - Mombasa Train Breakfast.

Night Train Nairobi to Mombasa.

The train serves an economical way to travel to and back from the coastal areas. The journey is a night ride both ways and the ticket cost includes, Dinner, Breakfast and Beddings.

Why book the Train?

Train Breakfast Kenya train travel is one of the most scenic way to travel. Kenya railways provide the classic and very enjoyable way to travel between Nairobi and Mombasa.

The night train Nairobi - Mombasa / Mombasa - Nairobi is the best regular train in entire Africa, well maintained, safe sleeping compartments, three - course Dinner and English Breakfast. Highly recommended. Try the sleeper train Journey which is easy, comfortable at the lowest fares in East Africa rail travel.

1st class sleepers (2 - berth), and 2nd class sleepers (4- berth) with restaurant car serving full meals, snacks, drinks and beer.

Advance reservation is required.

Over 4,000 Train travel adventure clients, travel with us in a year!!!

The reporting time to board at the Nairobi or Mombasa train station is by 6.30 p.m. The train to Mombasa or to Nairobi departs at 7.00 p.m.

The most scenic way to travel to Kenya's coast or Nairobi through Tsavo National Park, dinner, and breakfast on the vehicle cabin, great and relaxed view of the coastal approach!!!

Nairobi To Mombasa Train Time Table

Mombasa To Nairobi Train Time Table

Departure Time

Arrival Time

Week Days

Depart Nairobi 18:30hrs

Arrive Mombasa 09:45hrs

Every Monday and Friday

Depart Mombasa 19:00hrs

Arrive Nairobi 09:45hrs

Every Tuesday and Sunday

Fares One Way:

First Class: Nairobi To Mombasa Train one way  US$ 65 One way per person     processing Fees 10 US$ : total = 75 US$

sharing (Adult) Two beds with a toilet and a sink


Child 3 - 11yrs US$ 55 One way.

1st class consists of lockable 2-berth compartments which convert from a sitting room with sofa by day to sleeping berths at night. All necessary bedding is provided and there is a washbasin in the compartment. Toilets are located just along the corridor, there are both western & African type, kept reasonably clean although the loo seat may be missing! The 1st class fare includes dinner and breakfast in the restaurant car. If there are more than 2 of you, you can book two adjacent 1st class sleepers with a communicating door, to make a suite for 3 or 4 passengers, so ask when booking. Take your own insect repellent, a bottle of mineral water, and toilet paper. Most westerners travel in first class, and you'll find quite a few western travelers on each Nairobi-Mombasa departure. The first class sleeping-cars & restaurant car were built in Britain, their external appearance may remind UK Travellers of British Rail! Personal security isn't a huge problem, but do make sure you securely lock your compartment door and close the window at night (using the louvered shutter if you want ventilation). Wandering hands have been known to come through an open window when the train stops at night!

Infants 0 – 3 years free of charge

First Class: Mombasa To Nairobi Train booking one way US$ 65 One way per person sharing (Adult) Two beds with a toilet and a sink


Child 3 - 11yrs US$ 55 One way.

Infants 0 – 3 years free of charge

What is includes:

First Class Coupe ( 1st class 2-berth sleepers) will accommodate two persons

Dinner, Bed and Breakfast.

Second Class: Nairobi To Mombasa Train one way US$ 65 One way per person sharing.

2nd class consists of lockable 4-berth compartments which also convert between two sofas by day to bunks at night, with washbasin. As in first class, take your own insect repellent, a bottle of mineral water, and toilet paper. In 2nd class you'll find one or two western travelers, plus Kenyan middle class travelers.

Second Class: Child 3 - 11yrs US$ 45 One way.

Infants 0 – 3 years free of charge

Second Class:  Mombasa To Nairobi Train booking one way US$ 65 One way per person sharing.

Second Class: Child 3 - 11yrs US$ 45 One way.

Infants 0 – 3 years free of charge

What is included

Four beds with a toilet and a sink.

 bed and breakfast.

Second Class Coupe ( 2nd class 4 - berth sleepers) will accommodate four persons with sleeper beds.

Meals ( Dinner / Breakfast ) and Beddings are inclusive on first and second class only.

You can also contact us or call our reservation centre on:

+254 20 26969224 | + 254 724798380 | to make a booking over the phone.

NB: We will book the Train on your behalf.

FULL passport Names is what we require .

Please advise flight details.

On acceptance of our terms of payment

1: We will book and advise you the booking re: Number

2: You wire the money.

3: We will purchase the ticket on behalf

4: On arrival or place to advise we will deliver the ticket.

5: We can advise how to collect tickets either on Mombasa railway station / Nairobi railway station.

Pls authorize us to do the booking on acceptance

Arrangements to pay in advance

Once you send the money we will be in a position to reserve the seat for you and collect your ticket on arrival at Nairobi Railway station or Mombasa Railway station.

We will deliver the tickets at place to advise

Price will be 65 US$ per person plus 10 US$ processing fees - covers administration costs.

First Class: Total = 75 US$

Second Class: 55 US$ plus 10 US$ processing Fees total = 65 US$

Bank details to be given on request

Log on to online payment detail form fill and sign then Fax to us or scan and attach on email.


Wire (Telegraphic Transfer)

Please advise once you do the transfer and we buy ticket ASAP

Please feel free to seek for any further information or clarifications

Kindly, note that Kenya Railways does not offer guarantee of unpaid seats / booking.


First Class: Nairobi To Mombasa Train booking one way: Click to Reserve

First Class: Mombasa To Nairobi Train booking one way: Click to Reserve

Second Class: Nairobi To Mombasa Train one way: Click to Reserve

Second Class:  Mombasa To Nairobi Train booking one way: Click to Reserve

We also extends our services by receiving our clients at the Nairobi airport or Mombasa airport and transfers them to Nairobi railways station or Mombasa railway station or to Nairobi Hotels or Mombasa Hotels..

Our company representative (Driver) will patiently wait for you, holding a sign board reading your name/s

1 - 3 pax in a Saloon car 25 USD Click Reserve

4 - 9 Pax in a 9 seater tour van is 50 USD Per group CLICK TO Reserve

25 - 29 seater: Ideal for 10 - 25 Pax - 90 USD per group Click to Reserve

Kindly advise flight details.

At time of booking YOU MUST include the following:

* Name, flight and hotel or destination point.

* Airline

* Flight Number

* Departing City / Arrival City

* Arrival time

* Hotel Name and Address (if possible)

- Nairobi airport transfers rates / prices are per car not per person.

- payments are in cash after service delivery.

When making a booking, you will need to advise your flight details and your Nairobi / Mombasa transfers details. Your transfer booking will be confirmed within 12 - 24 hours, and you will be provided with driver telephone number, and a sign board reading your names.
We require your firm confirmation.


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