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Kenya wildlife budget camping safari
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Kenya wildlife luxury lodge safari
The result is an exclusive luxury tented lodge and camp like nothing else in Africa. All accommodations are equipped with four-poster super king and double size beds, elegantly hand-carved solid wood furnishings and full en suite bathrooms. .









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Kenya wildlife budget camping safari
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Kenya wildlife luxury lodge safari
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Kenya Bird watching safaris, Bird watching in Kenya safaris

Kenya's national parks make excellent centers for bird watching in Kenya - the Maasai Mara for the rosy-throated longclaw and magpie shrike; the Samburu for the rare shining sunbird and pink breasted lark; and Nairobi for the northern pied-babbler and Pangani longclaw. Kenya' handful of endemics include the Tara River cisticola, the Aberdare cisticola; Hinde's pied-babbler; William's lark; Sharpe's pipit; and Clarke's weaver.

This diverse range of habitats supports a great diversity of bird species - and makes a bird watching holiday in Kenya very rewarding! For some of the better lodges and camps for birders in Kenya.

10 Days  Meru National Park, Samburu, Lake Nakuru , Lake Baringo, Lake Naivasha Bird watching safari

Day 1: Meru National Park

Depart Nairobi past Central highlands to Meru National Park. Afternoon bird watching.

The wildlife is varied and includes some of the rarer antelopes; Beisa Oryx and Lesser Kudu are both present. It also has a bird list of over 300 species including the elusive African Finfoot and Pel's Fishing Owl. During the northern migration (October through to March) it plays host to an impressively large population of Eurasian Bee-eaters and Rollers. That said, birdwatching can be a challenge, the dense vegetation on the river banks makes it very difficult to spot waterbirds and the long savannah grass hides the smaller seed-eaters. On the plus side the park is quiet, you can go for hours without seeing a single tourist and this makes birdwatching a joy. There are currently only 2 lodges in the park, Leopard Rock and Elsa's Kopje (Meru Mulika closed down a few years ago and has never re-opened - although it is still quoted on most websites and in most literature). Elsa's Kopje is new (it opened in 1999), small and luxurious. It offers the most spectacular views from the open-plan, open-fronted rooms - birdwatching while luxuriating in a bath, perched high on an escarpment overlooking the park, is a memorable experience.

Day 2: Meru National Park

Full day bird watching, all meals and overnight at a lodge or campsite..

Day 3: Samburu National Reserve

Depart Meru National park for Samburu Game Reserve has Several species are considered unique to the region, including its unique dry-country animal life: All three big cats, lion, cheetah and leopard, can be found here, as well as elephants, buffalo and hippos and Ewaso Ng'iro river contains large numbers of Nile crocodile. arriving in time for lunch. Afternoon Bird watching. Dinner and overnight at a lodge or campsite.

Apart from the Yellow-billed Hornbill seem to move down closer to the river, there are other Birds commonly seen in Samburu include the Bristle-crowned Starling, Vereaux's Eagle-owl, Night Heron, Palm-Nut Vulture (sometimes called the South African Fish-Eagle) and Pygmy Falcon; Verreaux's Eagle can be seen soaring over the hills in the park and Samburu/Buffalo Springs is also one of the best places to see Donaldson-Smith's Sparrow Weaver which is fairly common in some locations. At Samburu Game Lodge you may even get to see the somewhat uncommon Red-headed Weaver which has been nesting in the grounds for the last couple of years. In January 2000 it was constructing a nest just by the bar - birding in comfort with a cold beer - pure heaven. Shaba's birdlife is fairly similar to Samburu/Buffalo Springs bit it also includes the rare and endemic Wiliiams' Lark about which very little is known

Day 4: Samburu National Reserve

Full day bird watching. All meals and over night at a lodge or campsite.

Day 5: Lake Nakuru

Depart Samburu after breakfast for The Lake Nakuru National Park is known as an important wildlife sanctuary for some of Africa's endangered species, especially black and white rhinos, and Rothschild Giraffes. The game reserve is also home to lions, waterbuck, buffalo and baboons, which we keep an eye out for on our game drive.. Lunch and afternoon bird watching.

Lake Nakuru was the first place in Africa to be designated a National Park primarily because of the birds. It has a comparatively low concentration of salts (compared to the 'real' soda lakes) and it also supports a fish population. As a result the wildlife is very different although, in common with the other soda lakes, Nakuru is home to a very large population of Flamingos which go there to feed. In 1997 the lake was almost completely dried out, partly as a result of drought and partly as a result of large amounts of water being extracted upstream. The extremely heavy El Niño rains in 1998 saved the lake but the numbers of flamingoes are still not as high as they used to be. It is a marvelous place to see a wide range of waders including Avocet, while large rafts of Pelican can also be seen sweeping the water in unison (in a rather attractive pelican version of synchronized swimming!). Probably the best view of the lake is from Baboon Cliffs, the view alone is worth the drive but the road up to the cliffs also provides a chance to see a number of chats. Watch out for the baboons at the top, they'll grab anything they think might be edible. Lake Nakuru National Park is also home to the Kenyan Rhino conservation project - and so is an excellent place to see Rhino.

Day 6: Lake Baringo

Early morning bird watching before departing for lake Baringo in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at a lodge or campsite.> Lake Baringo is at the threshold of Northern Kenya, and its freshwaters are an oasis in the arid plains.

This is the traditional home of the Njemps tribe, a unique people who are the only pastoral, cattle herding, tribe who also fish. Among other pastoral tribes such as the Maasai, eating fish is a taboo. The 129 sq km lake is well stocked with fish, and attracts many Pelicans, Cormorants and Fish Eagles. The Lake is also well populated with Crocodile. The lake itself is truly beautiful, surrounded by volcanic ranges that stretch as far as the eye can see.

At the lakes heart is Ol Kokwe Island, a stark rocky island that is home to Njemps villages and a well appointed camp. This is an excellent base for exploring the lake, with boat trips ideal for bird and hippo spotting. Baringo is an ideal stopover on a safari to Northern Kenya.

Day 7: Lake Baringo

Full day bird watching lake baringo is a fresh water lake which supports a great variety of birds as well as hippos and crocodiles. The lake is reputed to be the bird-watching center of Kenya. All meals and overnight at a lodge or campsite.

Day 8: Lake Naivasha

Breakfast at lake Baringo and depart for Lake Naivasha is a birdwatchers dream come true. Some areas of Lake shore have recorded over 400 species. The acacia forests teem with Hoopoe, Woodpeckers, Rollers, Shrikes, Hawks, cuckoos and much more. to arrive in time for lunch. Afternoon bird watching. Dinner and overnight at a lodge or campsite

The Naivasha region also supports a large population of Lovebirds. These are mainly hybrids of Fischer's and the Yellow-Collared Lovebird. In the main these populations have been established as a result of the escape (and deliberate release) of cage birds (both Fischer's and the Yellow-collared Lovebird are native Tanzanian species). Lovebirds are often seen for sale on the roadside. Often the birds are in very small, cramped cages and the vendors are young children. In fact you have to be licensed to catch and sell them but many tourists fall into the trap of buying and then releasing the birds, which are promptly retrapped and resold. This makes the illegal trade highly profitable and most Kenyan guides advise against being soft-hearted!

Day 9: Lake Naivasha

Full day bird watching. All meals and overnight at a lodge or campsite

Day 10: Nairobi

After breakfast return to Nairobi.

Price: USD 1100 per Person sharing

Price includes

Transfer from the airport on the arrival day to the hotel

Safari vans for game drive

Park entry fees

3 meals a day, bottled water for use during the safari

Accommodation in Camping/Hotel

Driver/Guide allowance

All Camping Fees

Costs Excludes:

All international air transport to and from Nairobi

Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks

Any Medical expenses


All activities or excursions not mentioned in program

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10 Days  Meru National Park, Samburu, Lake Nakuru , Lake Baringo, Lake Naivasha Bird watching safari

10 Days Meru National Park, Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo, Lake Naivasha Bird watching safari


14 days lake Nakuru, lake Baringo, Kitale, Kakamega, Kisumu, Maasai Mara bird watching safari


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