Travel Insurance for Africa
Do You Need to Get Travel Insurance? Yes

Comprehensive Travel Insurance is compulsory for everyone booking trips through African Budget Safaris. Before travelling clients need to provide information about their travel insurance company, the contact details and policy numbers. Mandatory travel insurance is there to protect travellers financially and medically.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Explained

Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers you for the full duration of your travels.

Comprehensive insurance covers you for:

-Trip cancellation and interruption
-Travel delays
-Loss, theft or damage to baggage
-Baggage delays
-Medical expenses
-Emergency medical transportation
-Collision damage for rental cars

Most travel insurance companies offer comprehensive policies, the price of which depends on the total cost of your trip and your age.

When to get Travel Insurance

It's best to buy travel insurance within seven days of paying the deposit on your trip.
This way you can get insured for your trip deposit and financial default by airlines and safari operators, as well as preexisting medical conditions. Purchasing travel insurance when you book your trip covers you in case you get sick or injured before the departure date, or if one of the companies you are planning to travel with folds or defaults.

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